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It's like eating broccoli that tastes like cookies. I love your app "mandarin madness". The engagement is amazing, the aesthetics (music/illustration) are incredible. (Bruce Flaherty, Minnesota)


Great for getting to know vocab, probably my favourite game on android right now, great development A+++ (Spanish Smash review, Google Play)


Really helped me and in a short time as well. I'm so bad at remembering things, and didn't really think it was going to help but it really did straight away :) (Maddellyn, iTunes Store)

Forget Boring flash cards. Play a game instead!

  • Learn more quickly than with flash cards.
  • Learn to recognize both the text as well as the sound, spoken by a native speaker.
  • 3 stages and 41 levels that each get progressively more difficult to ensure your mastery of a set of words.
  • Fun arcade style gameplay that makes learning vocabulary fun instead of tedious.
  • Ideal for beginner – intermediate language students.
  • Ideal for travellers to pick up some useful vocabulary whilst on the plane, train, bus or boat.

Industry Reviews

  • A gem of a learning application, with a great concept for combining education and gaming fun.
    - Michael Vallez, Crazy Mike’s App

Media Press

  • Before you know it you can count to ten, or know how to talk about basic clothing. This app is great for ages young and old.
    - Matt Beeche, Shoe String Startups